Magnetic soap holder


For a soap to last, it must be kept away from water when not in use.

Most soap dishes do not do this well and you end up with a wet, soft soap that gets used up too quickly.

This magnetic soap dish provides a solution by allowing you to keep your soap away from water while leaving it easily accessible.

This one is fixed with a suction cup directly in your sink, shower or bathtub.

A magnetic cap, directly attached to the soap, makes it easy to attach and detach the soap from the holder.




  • can be mounted on or in the sink, bathtub or shower
  • the suction cup can be fixed on any smooth surface,
  • use of a powerful suction cup and magnet for effective fixation
  • very small and discreet suction cup: only 34 mm diameter
  • holds soaps up to 150 g in any position
  • can be removed and reassembled at will
  • no drilling, no gluing, always clean
  • Made in Germany


The installation of the soap dish is very simple:

  • clean the place where you want to place it: inside the sink, in the shower or bathtub
  • push the metal plate into the soap*.
  • hang the soap on the magnet
  • no drilling, no gluing, always clean

* If the soap is very dry, after pushing the metal plate into the soap, lather the soap and let it dry overnight.

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