The Brand

Axolotl Beauty

Artisanal and vegan production. Production of small batches to guarantee the freshness and quality of each product.


A brand is an identity, a signature, an artistic touch. I wanted Axolotl Beauty to express my identity, my tastes and my values.

Axolotl Beauty® is a French trademark registered with the INPI. She offers artisanal and vegan cosmetic products made from natural ingredients. Each formula contains Tepezcohuite, a Mexican ingredient known as skin tree. The brand itself is inspired by the Mexican Axolotl; an amphibian capable of regenerating its limbs in record time. Among the products offered in the catalog, you will find day cream, balms, deodorants and cold-saponified soaps suitable for different skin types. With minimalist and eco-friendly packaging, Axolotl Beauty is designed for people who seek glowing skin while maintaining a responsible and natural approach.

The Logo

Why an axolotl?

The axolotl is an amphibian of Mexican origin, it is able to regenerate its extremities in record time and it evokes my roots, youth and natural regeneration.

Why a floral crown?

This one evokes the beauty and the Mexican folklore which often displays many colors, like the elegant crown of Frida Kahlo.

Axolotl Beauty is a French cosmetic brand inspired by Mexico. It is an expression of the coexistence of my affection for both Mexico and France.

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