About me

About me

Entrepreneur | Creator of Axolotl Beauty | Artisanal Cosmetic Formulation



My name is Dolores Manrique and I am the founder of Axolotl Beauty. In 2022 I set up my cosmetic manufacturing laboratory located in the small village of Albiac in the heart of Lauragais.

Coming from materials science education destining me more for a career in research, I finally decided to turn away from it to start a company that better met my expectations and need for autonomy. and more responsible consumption.

Passionate about cosmetics, it is naturally that I embarked on this project.

I have worked on various applied research topics ranging from smart materials integrated in electromechanical devices to the design of filters to remove heavy metals from water through the study of emulsions.

After completing my training in natural cosmetics and regulation with pharmacologists and toxicologists, I developed a brand with a whole range of natural products.

The universe of my brand turns around the ethnobotany of Mexico, with which I want to help you take care of your skin and that of your loved ones in a more natural, healthy and sustainable way. I have a cosmetic line of vegan and artisanal products based on tepezcohuite powder. Among the different products you will find creams, deodorants, soaps and balms.

I invite you to accompany me in this adventure on my social networks. Do not hesitate to contact me to choose together the products that will be the most suitable for your skin, I will be happy to accompany you in your choice.

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